Tips for a destination wedding in Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita is the small fishing town that became a large vacation village. In the 80’s there was one dirt road and a couple small palapa restaurants on the beach and by the time I got here 20 years later there were hotels (albeit tiny ones) and small shops, but for the most part it was still sort of sleepy with only two bars for nightlife, compared to the twenty some odd there is now. Sayu (as the locals call it) is now a bustling metropolis compared to what it once was and you can find pretty much anything your heart might desire while on vacation.

Depending on the size of your wedding there are venues for just about everyone. Ceremonies are most often held in the space adjoining the beach with the receptions to follow at the Gran Villa and its brick laid patio, but sometimes you get a kick ass bride and groom who shake things up a bit (which is the best way to throw a destination wedding) like these two who decided to have their ceremony down on Los Muertos and walk through the cemetery on their way back to the reception.

At the end of it all destination weddings really give you the opportunity to spend time with the people you love most. Rather than rushing around for six hours trying to say hello to Uncle Jim and your parents’ best friends from college, you get to have an incredible vacation in paradise (or a winter wonderland which to point out I would love to be a part of) and truly have an opportunity to be with the ones you love most in the world. The only other tip I have is to really be in the moment. Enjoy yourself and breathe deeply and take it all in. It’s going to fly by and the only thing you’re going to have left are your memories aaaaand you photographs so make sure you find a photographer who is the perfect fit for you. Someone whose vision you can see on your walls for years to come.